Let's Dig In!!

*October 23, 2019*
Lets dig in!!..
Italy is known for its mouth watering creations.  Each city and town has their specialty cuisine.  Pizza in Naples is not the same as pizza in Roma, although both are unforgettable in their own ways, each has its distinct uniqueness. 
Locals from neighboring cities argue about who makes the better dish; nobody wins this argument but everyone enjoys the fight.  
There is a reason for this; besides the fact that Italians love to prove a point, they are passionate about their cooking, and no one can be better at it...
There has always been a mystery to the secret of good Italian cooking.  If you want to cook like an Italian, there are a few key elements that are a must have.  

Are you ready for the secret?...
1. Fresh ingredients (of course), and 2 things that you would not expect: pride and love. It sounds silly but its true.  Fresh ingredients, pride and love are the reasons why Italy is infamous for invigorating the taste buds, and the reason why Italians will never stop arguing about who has the better dish. 
Its the reason why Italians get passionate about their food and possessive when people are in their kitchen. 
Its true! My nonna (grandmom) never let us help her in the kitchen and my mom was the same way; we were removed from the kitchen. They took pride in knowing they were cooking for their family and noone could do it better than them.
This is what makes Italy and especially these small towns, like Isca and Satriano so unique.  Stay tuned for our next post or simply subscribe to get our updates automatically as we take you deeper into these little towns…


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