Let's Fall into Olive Season!!

*December 20, 2019*
Let's Fall into Olive Season!!
October and early November bring the crisp weather to Calabria and with that comes the beginning of olive picking season.  During this time families come together and hand pick olives to make their extra virgin olive oil; as you can imagine, this means making enough olive oil to last all year until the following fall.  The process is hard work and depending on the season, the olives are not always plentiful.  But when the season is right and the olives are ripe, its worth the achy muscles. 
When making olive oil it's important to note the color, the texture, and the thickness of the liquid...and of course, the actual taste!   A fresh extra virgin olive oil creates a smooth and slightly spicy taste when it sits in your mouth; even the smell is different.
Don't worry, even if you are not a professional olive oil maker, once you taste a good one, you will be able to distinguish a not-so-rich olive oil just from the way it pours out of the bottle.  But don't take my word on it, try it yourself. If you find yourself in Calabria during the months of October and early November, find a family who needs help making olive oil and dip your hands into some olives.  Unfortunately, once your spoiled with a home made extra virgin olive oil, it will be hard to eat anything else.  The trick is to make friends with families that make olive oil and get rewarded with a bottle...or two...if you are a hard worker!


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