Welcome to Isca, Calabria, Italy

*August 24, 2019*
Amazing, Amazing...

Beautiful Calabria... Italy's hidden gem!   Get ready for authentic culture, fresh food, and raw humor!!!

The Ionian Sea in Calabria... beautiful emerald water surrounds these breathtaking hills and mountains to create the ultimate landscape!  As you venture inland, you will find many small towns nestled in the rolling hills.. amongst those towns, are the towns of Isca and Satriano... the focus of this blog.  

This is where our family comes from and we want to share our memories and experiences with everyone, because sharing our passion for this region is important in keeping the culture and traditions alive and we hope you can envision the lifestyle as we take you through our stories.


Italian Girl said…
Hello! Thanks for this very interesting information!
Anonymous said…
The picture you see shown at the top of the site is of a town called Isca which is a little mountain side town off the coast of Ionian Sea. Towns like Isca represent the continued authentic Italian culture and lifestyle... small town living, natives cultivating the land to produce fruits, vegetables, and yes, even olive oil. Nothing that is produced is sold; it is shared within the town amongst the neighbors..
Unknown said…
What a beautiful scene. Can't wait to see more.
Hello, cummara, quantu ojju pozzu accattara? Micu u pulici
Unknown said…
I can't wait to visit
Cugina Caterina said…
This is awesome !! Can’t wait to see more !!!
Anonymous said…
Nothing like a relaxing vibe with great ocean view, great wine , cheese and bread soaked in olive oil! ... is this town known for producing olive oil?
I agree.. these amazing towns have it all.. beautiful ocean scenery accompanied by fresh, authentic homemade food. They are the perfect vacation spot for anyone that wants to disconnect from the hectic lifestyle that we are accustomed to today. At least that is how i feel when i am there..

These towns are not known for making olive oil because the families that make it keep it local, but we would like to start distributing it for them. We have samples now if anyone is interested.

Any other questions, please feel free to ask! we love talking about Calabria and all its beauty!
Feel free to email me any questions/comments... thoughts on the blog as well.
Unknown said…
your reccomendation if i were to go for a week is that enough? fly from miami into?
I would recommend going for at least 10 days.. here is why. it takes 2 day of travel because from US you need to take 2 flights; same on the return. from Miami you can fly into Milan or Rome and then from either of those airports, you can fly into Lamezia Terme International Airport (SUF). there is no direct flights to Calabria. Plus you want the time to unwind when you get there, really take it all in and i think we can all agree that when you go on vacation it can take time to settle in vacation mode ;)

I'll post some maps of the area in my next update.
Anonymous said…
This is great information! Love the blog! Can’t wait to taste the oil. Nm
Anonymous said…
I love this photo of Isca and would love to use a copy for personal use (writing a little history of myself for my grandchildren). I left Isca after the earthquake of 1947. I was ten yeas old.
Hello Anonymous! We are happy you reached out to us and we love hearing that you are from Isca.. Since we have family in Isca could you tell us about your family also? Maybe we have some family connection. For privacy, you can use our email address shown on the blog. (And yes, feel free to use the photo, happy to share).
Unknown said…
Can’t thank you enough for all the help you have given me for finding a hotel close to Isca when I travel to the village to research my husbands family. I will be traveling to Isca in early October and found a bit of trouble finding a place to stay that would be open in the “off” season and Calabria Oil came through for me. I am looking forward to researching the family, Scicchitano, in Isca, maybe finding the old family home and whatever else I can come up with!
A wife of an Italian