Oh These Tiny Towns!

*September 4, 2019*
Oh these tiny towns!
In navigating through these Calabrian towns, you can expect to see twisting streets that are so narrow only a Fiat can make it around, but that's ok..... because the town was designed to be walked, not driven through...

Walking encourages socializing with neighbors, talking about soccer games, politics, oh and last but not least, spreading the town's latest gossip.... everyone's business is everyone's business, whether you like it or not!!!
That is one of the many beauties of these small towns, good (and bad) news travels fast... the neighborhood watch is always looking out for one another. 

And to me, this is the one of the most beautiful characteristics of these towns; the love and care that each person has for one another makes you feel like part of a large family. 

Two typical features in each of these town is the Church, usually located at the top; and the Piazza, centrally located, the gathering center for everyone.  Both serve the same purpose: sharing time with the family and friends, gathering together for some chit-chat with an espresso or a gelato.  

Here, it doesn't matter how you dress or how much money you make, life is simple and can be relaxing as long as you can handle letting go of the high anxiety society.. because here, nothing is accomplished by rushing... Quality comes from patience, taking your time, and truly enjoying life in its simplest form...