From Farm to Table!!

November 16, 2019
From Farm to Table...
When I visit the town of Isca and Satriano, I know one thing for sure...
I'm going to eat well and eat often.  I have to prepare myself for the fresh food overload; everyone wants to invite you over to show off their cooking skills and overstuff you... and you can't say no, or you offend people, so you leave every meal overly full, smiling, and dazed from the food coma.  
This is what happens when you are surrounded by a calm lifestyle and fresh food.. and I mean FRESH!
Forget labels like “organic” and “farm raised”.  In Isca and Satriano you can expect homemade cheese, olives, ricotta, capicollo, soppressata, fruits, and vegetables all made by hand or home grown.   
It sounds too good to be true, and at times, I think it is, but when you are there, and you wake up in these tiny little towns to the sound of people starting their morning routine and the smell of espresso and fresh ricotta waiting on the kitchen table, the reality of where you are hits you....
You’re in Calabria and although it seems like these towns are imaginary... guess what?.. they are very real.  
 The work that they put into cultivating fresh fruits and vegetables consumes their days, but there is nothing more important than eating well and eating fresh.  It goes back to pride and love in what they cook.  
And don't worry, you won’t be disappointed after a meal here.. you, however, will be upset that your stomach can’t stretch more so you can eat more!! Lol.