So Where is Calabria!?!?

*September 7, 2019*
So Where is Calabria?
Thanks to one of our blogger's questions, I realized that many people have no clue where Calabria is.. oooops!  And to be honest, the major southern areas that most people are familiar with are Naples and Sicily.. 
I can't tell you how many times I had to pull my map out on my phone to show them.. It's like no one believes that there is anything in between Sicily and Naples! lol. And I know that my fellow Calabrians can sympathize with me on this and laugh as well.  
So a quick geographical view of the Italy's regions.. and there on the bottom (lets say the tow of the boot) with a big red arrow pointed to it, is our beautiful region. 

So now lets zoom in a little bit more to show you the airport Lamezia Terme which lies on the west side of Calabria. Catanzaro on the east side is the Province, and you can see Isca a little bit further down. 
Now lets zoom a little more into the east side of Calabria which is our focus of this blog (at the moment).. I say that because the west side is just as beautiful and perhaps later on we can dive into that as well.. :)
Ok, the red arrows are pointing to Satriano and Isca sullo Ionio which are the 2 towns that we have been describing so far; all the pictures that you have seen on the blog are from there. Don't worry, Calabria is filled with towns like Satriano and Isca: you have Davoli, Badolato, St. Andrea, and many more with amazing food, culture, and activity. 

Now, along the coast you have Soverato which is one of the popular beachside tourist attractions.  Now, when I say tourists, I want to make sure everyone understands what that means.  During the summer months from late June to mid August, Calabria is filled with locals that travel from Northern Italy to this southern region.  
Now, why is that?  Aren't there beaches up north as well?.. 
Italy's northern cities are very similar to the New York and Philadelphia: hectic, busy, and always stressful.  
Many of the people that work up north have origins in the southern part, so for them, what's the best way to escape that hectic lifestyle?...Go down South! and reunite with their family and spend their summer vacation relaxing, eating good (homemade) food, and getting tan on Italy's beautiful coastline with clear emerald water. 
Hopefully, these maps helped orient everyone! thanks for reading and keep following. Remember, if you have any comments or questions post them!